Disruption killed the radio star

Imagine the car industry would tomorrow set up a similar campaign as the UK music industry did in the Eighties with their “home taping is killing music” campaign.

This automobile campaign’s tagline could then be: “Car sharing is killing engineering”, possibly re-using a similar black-and-white composite stencil visual, complete with a jolly roger featuring a car silhouette as the skull (resembling an old Morris, maybe?), and depicting a queue of people standing in line to get in for a ride, forming the shape of one of the bones.

Putting insights to work (or: what I’d love to do for a living)

User journeys on the web turn longer and longer, consideration cycles take loop ways, buyers are constantly looking for bargains, buying alternatives are evaluated constantly, information on alternative products are collected at the point of sale. Things have turned rather complicated on the web these days. Users’ information retrieval patterns turn more and more situational….

“Dogs” vs. “Cats”, or: if you don’t read this article, we’ll shoot this dog!

Contrary to popular belief – and contrary to the recently started controversial discussions about “Catvertising” and “Kittywood” (more on that topic a bit further down in this post) it is a widely ignored fact that searches for <<dog>> or <<“dog video”>> outnumber the searches for <<cat>> or <<“cat video”>>. So: why the hell is everybody…

Tool obsession

The longer I am working with symbol analytics (of which Web Analytics happens to only be a small sub set) the less I can understand the form of obsession people have with their Web Analytics tools. To put it bluntly: you’re not concerned about your car as a tool – it hosts five seats and…